Q: What does it mean when you say your employees are nationally certified?
A: All of our employees have gone through training with a company called Wreckmaster or an equivalent. Wreckmaster gives out a nationally certified recognition that you have the knowledge and ability to tow vehicles safely and damage free. National certification is not required, but we felt it important for everyone that works with us to have this training.
Even our office staff have been through this training so that they can respond to a call safely, or just be more knowledgeable when discussing your towing needs with you.

Q: What levels of training have your drivers reached?
A: David is rated at level 6/7 with an airbag endorsement. This is considered the heavy duty class and the highest training you can achieve. You must have gone through levels 2/3 and 4/5.

Greg has completed level 4/5 after finishing 2/3 last year.

Dina, is rated at level 2/3, standard towing and recovery of cars and pick ups.

Jeff is rated at 2/3.

Q: What are lien papers?
A: Lien papers show that we notified the registered owner of the vehicle you are purchasing that they have until the date of the lien to pick up the vehicle for the charges against it or it will be auctioned off. If the owner does not come down and pick up the vehicle, the lien papers transfer ownership of the vehicle to the person or company awarded the bid on the vehicle.

Q: How do I get a title with lien papers?
A: Take the lien papers that we give you down to the DMV, fill out an application for title and registration, submit this with your lien papers, pay the title transfer fee and they will mail you the title in approximately four weeks.

Q: Can I test drive the cars?
A: Not usually. We will allow you to drive a car on the lot to ascertain that the transmission and brakes work, but you can not drive it on the street.
Test drives only occur in cars that you are paying more than $1000.00 for and then an employee will drive the vehicle with you as a passenger. We are not insured for you to drive the vehicles.

Q: Will you consider lower offer on cars?
A: Yes we will, please have the cash at the time. All lower prices are subject to being purchased at the time of the deal.

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