Financing Requirements

Valid Oregon Drivers Licenses

Pay stubs proving continuous employment for at least 180 days

Current, permanent utility bills that show your address.

All address must match on. ODL, Pay Stubs, Utility Bills.

Debt to income ratio.

Approval on conditions of credit application.

Down Payment Requirements.

We DO NOT finance anything over $1995.00.

If you wish to get a car that is over that amount you must pay down to at least that amount or 1/3 of the price of the car sale whichever is greater.

Example #1

The price of the car you are looking to buy is $3995.00. You would need to put a down payment of at least $2000.00. To bring the total amount financed to $1995.00.

Example #2

If the car you are looking to buy was $2495.00, You would need to put 1/3 of the sale price down. That would be $831.66 and the amount financed would be $1663.00.

These Examples do not include and DMV charges.

There is a DMV charge of $90.00 for any car that has good tags. We do all the processing of paper work.

We will not finance any vehicle that will not have good tags for at least 6 months from time of financing.


Cash offers are always considered when purchasing from us.

Please remember that when you purchase any vehicle from a dealer that unless you pay them to register your vehicle at the time, they will have to scratch your tags.

Keep this in mind when you are buying vehicles that you will need up to $90.00 more to register your vehicle.

If your tags are good for awhile, keep these things in mind.
DMV Registration is $55.00, we charge $35.00 to go stand in line @ DMV and register your car for you. The total to register the car is $90.00

If you choose to do this yourself on a car with good tags, remember @ trip permit is $10-$20.00, DEQ is $21.00, and DMV is $55.00, this makes the cost - $86 - $96.00. You will also need to repurchase the tags on the vehicle, you can check with DMV for the charge on this @ 503-945-5000.

Please plan for this, and save this money to register your vehicle.

All of our financed vehicles, please add this $90.00 charge to the vehicle price to be financed. (it is already included in most financing plans)

If the vehicle does not have tags and it does have a DEQ certificate, there is a $54.00 DMV fee for the tags.

All Financing prices listed below are our basic options, on the chance you do not qualify for our basic option, we may require more down or higher payments.

See a car you want but don't have the money today, ask the office about buying an option to hold the vehicle for you.

Remember, we do not know anything about these vehicles, they were towed in and we have no mechanics on site. If you would like a vehicle checked out, bring your mechanic with you, or have them stop by to look on your behalf. All we know about these cars is how they run at this time, we don't know how long or how well they will run.

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