At Cop's Towing we believe in giving back.  Below are things we are doing to support those in our community and in the world at large. 

In the last few years we have changed how we donate.  We still support the local schools and sports.  We support the local Fire Department by letting them use vehicles for training.

Financially we are trying to help people directly, through things like gofundme and other organizations of this nature, we try and help local families in our area that are dealing with an unexpected burden.  This is so important to us.  Being able to give directly to people we know in bad circumstances.


We have also helped with Fundraisers for Make-A-Wish and MDA by sponsoring local fundraisers.  We love to do things in our communities.  We are also doing more with local churches and their mission trips - Canada and Haiti.  

We continue to work with Kiva

As of  July 2017 we have lent - we love supporting them and have lent over $6500.00 to entrepreneurs throughout the world.  We focus on Africa and highly affected HIV risk areas, Haiti, Honduras, and Guatemala.   

Loans made
We are also doing more outreach through local churches and supporting Missions work in Haiti and Canada.  In the past few years we have also done work for Make - A- Wish 
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We feel very fortunate to have an excellent relationship with our Banks Volunteer Fire Department.  To support them, this past spring we donate vehicles for training purposes.  After taking the vehicle down and having a mechanic go through the vehicle we gave it to the department.  We helped them sell tickets on this vehicle that blue booked at over $3500.00.

Thank you Banks Fire for everything you do in our community!

Reading, Reading, Reading

We think reading is one of the keys to success and we promote it by doing several things:
Donating Childrens Books to The Banks Library
Donating Books to School Libraries in Hillsboro (This year over 100)
Donating Books to Foster Kids

Micro Loans

We have found it to be extremely rewarding to be able to help other people with their business around the world.

Here are some of the loans made this year:

Female - Tajikstan - 100% Repaid
Dilrabo has a college degree in education. After graduation, she began to work as a school teacher. Gradually, Dilrabo climbed the career ladder and now she works as the school’s principle. The school is located in a small village of Shurab. Dilrabo loves her work and enjoys teaching. However, a schoolteacher’s pay is not enough to sustain oneself, and Dilrabo must do something in addition to her work in school. To earn extra income, Dilrabo and her entire family breed cattle. When Dilrabo learned of MicroInvest, she came for an appointment and liked the loan conditions. Dilrabo took a loan and bought several rams. According to Dilrabo, the purchase brought additional income into her family’s budget. Now, she asks for a new loan to purchase more rams.

Female - Nigeria - 100% Repaid
Mrs. Esther Egbulu is 42 years old and is married with six children. She is requesting the above loan to buy frozen chicken, turkey, provisions & foodstuff for sale. "I am proud to be a Lift Above Poverty Organization member for the past eight years, and a union leader," says Esther. She hails from Umuisor, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.

Female Group Loan - Uganda - Just Loaned

The leader of this small group is Sarah Acheno. She currently sells dry foods and is requesting a loan to expand her business. Sarah is 35 years old and is married. She has seven children, ranging in age from 8 to 18, who attend school. Each week, Sarah makes approximately UGX 70000 (US$40.00) in profit. With the extra profit she will make with the help of a loan, she hopes to pay the school fees for her children. Sarah has taken a loan from BRAC Uganda before, to the amount of UGX 600000 (US$353.00), to invest in her business by increasing the stock in the shop. The loan was paid back on time.

Sarah is joined in her small group by Prisca Wandera, Mariam Mukasa, Anda Auma and Tausi Gabeyo. Prisca Wandera sells millet flour. Mariam Mukasa has a cosmetics shop. Anda Auma operates a hardware shop and Tausi Gabeyo sells maize flour. All four women request the loan to expand their businesses.

This is a group loan. The loan funds will be distributed among the group members, each of whom will invest in her own business. The members mutually guarantee one another's loans. If one member does not repay, the other members are responsible.


Female Group Loan - Sudan - Just Loaned

The group leader of this small group is Martha Cerolio. She is in the business of selling charcaol. Martha is 45 years old and is a widow. She has two children, 20 and 27.

Each week, Martha makes approximately 90 Sudanese pounds in profit; with the extra profits from her loan she hopes to be able to expand the business.

Martha is joined in her group by Cilran Sadaya, Paulina Juan, Dina Enbka and Louis Moya. Cilran sells breads; Paulina operates a business selling vegetables; Dina also sells vegetables. All three wish to expand their businesses. Louis sells goods at a shop; she is requesting a loan to pay school fee.


If you are interested in doing a micro loan, we are using  You can select the group you would like to loan to and loan as little or as much as you wish. 

So far we have made 9 loans, 5 are being repaid on schedule and 4 have been 100% paid back.  When the loans are paid back we re loan to someone else to help these people prosper.

Hillsboro Community Care Day

For the past three years, Cop's Towing has had the privilige of being a sponsor to Hillsboro Community Care Day.

Local church volunteers from over 15 Hillsboro Churches go to different schools in the Hillsboro School District and do landscaping work at these sites, such as weeding, trimming, putting down fresh barkdust etc.  so that the kids can have come back to a well maintained school.

We have sponsored by donating school supplies for the backpack drive to give back packs and school supplies to low income kids.  We have also donated cases of water, snacks and similar items for the workers at Liberty High School.

To find out more, or to donate your time, check out their website.


Banks Community BBQ

We have donated many cars the past few years to the Banks Days communtiy BBQ. We donate these cars to use as their "Blow Up" cars during the truck and tractor pulls that go on that weekend as well. They have shown much appriciation over the years, and we plan on continuing our donations to them.

Support of our Wonderful Troops. 

We are veteran owned.  Dave served his country in Vietnam, and he knows how difficult it can be being away from home.

We want to do our part to make sure that our troops know we are thinking of them and support them.  To this end we have adopted 4 troops, and we send them letters every week, and packages 1-2 times per month.

We also send packages to different platoons,  these are not dedicated and we send them to different troops at different times.  We normally ship approximately 10-15 boxes per month.

If you are interested in supporting troops or sending letters, you can get addresses @  This fantastic organization makes sure our soldiers are not forgotten, and the troops that get little or no mail have contact.  This is a great moral booster. 

We would be happy to include any letters or cards to our anysoldier boxes.  If you would like to donate to them, we will ship your box.

They like almost everything, but the usual preference is for:

  • Toe Nail Clippers
  • Foot Powder
  • Lotion
  • Shaving Creme (Edge Gel)
  • Fly Strips (Right now it is over 110 degrees every day and the fly's are awful)
  • Hard Candy (Chocolate Melts)
  • Soap
  • Shower Shoes
  • Black or White Boot socks
  • Gatorade Mix for Water
  • Deoderant
  • Car Fresheners (To hang in their tents or huts to cut down on smell)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Baby Wipes
  • Off Bug Spray
  • Cup o Soup
  • Easy Mac
  • BEEF JERKY - (No Pork Products)
  • Magazines (When you are done, drop them off, we will ship them)
  • Books
  • All in One Body Wash
  • Cards and Letters of Encouragement and Support

We would like to thank our great friends at Banks Hardware for all of their support.  They have very generously ordered many products for our troops and donated items or sold them to us at cost.  This winter the troops very much appreciated the hand warmers!!! 

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