Sealed Bid Auctions Coming Up
How Our Sealed Bid Auctions Work

*****At this time, we do not have room for all of our cars at our Banks location, call during business hours to find out which lot the car you are interested in putting a SEALED Bid in is at*************

***If you want to keep the current tags, please read the registration information on the car buying page, if you don't want us to register it for you, we must scratch the tags***

Our auctions are done by sealed bid. Please come out and inspect cars the week before the auction. You may walk around and visually inspect the vehicle. You may not get into the vehicle. All auction bids are subject to vehicle starting, unless they are parts cars.

Our Auctions are every Friday at 9:00 a.m, please call if you would like to know what vehicles are coming up 503-324-9401.

High bid will take the car. Cop's Towing reserves the right to be high bidder on all cars, but we must out bid you to do this. Owners of vehicles may pick up vehicles until the time of the auction.

Our minimum bid is determined by the original towing and lien fee against the vehicle.

All purchases must be made with cash. All car sales are as is. There is no warranty expressed or implied and we do not guarantee that these vehicles will pass DEQ.

Once you do not purchase a vehicle you are awarded high bid on, you will no longer be allowed to bid on vehicles.

There is a $5.00 auction fee. This is due at the time you come to view the vehicle.  This fee is not refundable should you choose not to bid on the vehicle.  If you place a bid and are high bidder, the $5.00 will be put toward the price of the vehicle.

Bids must be placed by close of the previous business day.

Any vehicles not sold at auction will be either placed for sale on our lot or taken to scrap.

Please call or email with any additional questions.

Thank you - Dina Collier - Cop's Towing Office Manager

Sealed Bid Auction List Every Friday @ 9:00 a.m. - All Bids Must Be received by the Thursday prior at 5:00 p.m.. Minimum Bid is $300.00

                    We currently have no vehicle for Auction

Acc - Accident
PPI - Private Property Impound
I - Impound by Police
H - Hazard (left along roadway)
PV - Parking Violation

Y - Yes
N - No

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